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Our sign up process has several steps and will take around 5 minutes. We have attempted to make it as hassle free as possible while ensuring everything is setup to get you going!

Step 1: Join our Discord

You may need to copy-paste this link directly into your discord.

(You will only have access to the Enlistment area at this time).

Step 2: Add STICKOOZ#0347 to your friends list and message him "I wish to join HVC".

Step 3: STICKOOZ will message you to have a quick chat with him to find out why you love Star Citizen and what you would like to get from the Org.

Step 4: Put in your application on the official Star Citizen Web Page (You must be logged in).

Step 5: Type in your Star Citizen name in the #Handles channel on the HVC Discord.

Step 6: Go into the #Welcome channel on the HVC Discord and select the emoji icons for areas of gameplay you are interested in to unlock more of the discord.

Step 7: Enjoy Playing as a proud member of Hyperion Vanguard Corporation!

Join Us Now: Contact
Join Us Now: Image
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