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Welcome to the HVC Media section.

Check out Hub Wire News for information on the up and coming game within Star Citizen, SHOOTY-BALL. A game made and developed by our very own HVC Member ICStarz.

Check out the additional video showing off some of the gameplay and shenanigans of HVC members put together by HVC video editing guru SparkyX .

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HubWire | Velocity - Shootyball
Zark Media

HubWire | Velocity - Shootyball

HubWire | Velocity is a #StarCitizen in-character news show, made by Zark Media and members of the #HubNet community. Join the HubNet discord server: For more info on the new sport, contact: ============ This is a non-commercial fan production. Star Citizen, Squadron 42, and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by Cloud Imperium Rights, LLC and/or Cloud Imperium Rights Ltd. This fan production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with Cloud Imperium Group. No commercial exploitation, exhibition, or distribution is permitted. No alleged independent rights may be asserted against Cloud Imperium or its affiliates. - "Made by the community" - animation available to download from the HubNet discord-server and found on ============ Start playing Star Citizen using our referral link: - You can help support Zark Media here: Donate on Patreon: Donate in-game credits using "moTrader": @OliverZark ============ SPONSRING ORGANISATIONS "@ Gate Catering" TBJC - The Blue Jay Corporation ORIONSI - Orion Space Industries VASHI - Vashtar Industrial AMAR - A'Care Mining & Reclamation ============ CREDITS Host - Oliver Zark: Andreas Hofer Spectrum: Discord: ZarkMedia(#)1840 Reporter 1 - Casey Cross: Turbolenta Spectrum: ============ Music licensed via Epidemic Sound. Use this link to get started with your own licensing: "Wrapping Up" - Out to the world "Inside The Prism" - West & Zander
Media: Video
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