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Star Citizen Tools


Ship Customization Tool

 Prices, Locations, Specifications.

Where to buy, rent, find ships, ship equipment, prices and everything you need to know about various ship systems. Arguably THE most useful tool for Star Citizen out there.

Trading Tool

How, where and when to trade.

A highly customizable tool for trade route planning, profit calculation that pulls data directly from the game and works out your best profits and trade routes for your ship and funds.


Fleet Viewer

Build your Fleet.

A fun, interactive tool where you can look at ship models, put together your fleet, and show it off to fellow Citizens. One of the more fun tools!

Universal Item Finder

Know what you want and where to get it.

Looking for that specialist attachment to your favourite rifle? Need that unique heavy armour? Look no further, this site will help you find it!


Wreck Sites.

Find the rarest and most epic across the verse hidden at wreck sites!

This tool provides the locations of every wreck site in the game, including rare ones with exceptionally unique loot and items.

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