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Mining / Salvaging / Trading / Science / Farming / Base Building

Our Logistics branch, headed up by CEO HVC-Goar taps into every aspect of Star Citizen outside of combat. 

Divisions: Roster


Currently the most developed mechanic in game, as part of logistics you will learn all about Hand Mining, Roc Mining, Ship Mining, Refining and all the other mechanics attached to this fascinating feature of Star Citizen.

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Trading in Star Citizen is constantly evolving. Learn and participate in running Cargo, doing box missions and buying, selling or looting personal items.


Science, Base Building, Farming and Beyond

Still in development, rest assured that Logistics will have all these forms of gameplay covered. If they interest you more than anything else, speak to HVC-Goar on Discord about joining Logistics today!



Defence / Exploration / Diplomacy / Force Projection

Fleet is headed up by Admiral HVC-BanDanna. If you want to be an ace fighter pilot, a Commander of your very own Capital Class ship or lead a rag tag band of explorers to the fringes of space, Fleet is the place for you!

Divisions: Roster

Fighter Combat

Learn how to dogfight with the best of them. The best loadouts, ships, maneuvers and techniques to become a true fighter Ace!


Capital Class Ships

Want to Captain your very own capital class ship? Perhaps operate a turret or work in an engineering deck to get that extra 10% from the engines? Fleet offers a range of Capital Class positions and adventures with many capital ships of every class within the Org.



Have dreams of running your own crew like on the Enterprise or Serenity? Fleet offers training in all exploration class vessels, their strengths and weaknesses, and allows you to test every ship currently available in Star Citizen.


Mobile Infantry

FPS / Ground Vehicle / Base Assault and Defence

Mobile Infantry is in charge of all FPS combat and it's endeavours. If you want to snipe from the hills, bullrush a bunker, blast away with a tank, or board an enemy vessel, then Mobile Infantry is for you!

Divisions: Roster

Infantry Combat

With regular Mobile Infantry events each Friday night, this is one of the most active sections within HVC. Learn the best FPS weapons, how to clear a base, and have an absolute blast attacking and defending player controlled bases.


Vehicle Combat

Want to command Tanks, Spartan Troop Carriers, Hover Bikes or Missile Batteries? Mobile Infantry look after all the org's vehicle related needs.



One of the most developed areas of Star Citizen is the Medical gameplay. Mobile Infantry teaches you everything you need to know about injuries, how to treat them, and even have specialised high risk medical response teams and training.

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