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We are the good guys.

The worlds largest Australian / NZ Oceanic Star Citizen Org.

We do all forms of gameplay, from science, to medical, to fleet combat, trading, and one day maybe even farming. We are anti-piracy and griefing.

We welcome all members. From hardcore gamers, to casual players and anything in between, there is a place for you within the org. Are you a lone wolf type player? you are still welcome, as being part of one of the largest and most active orgs in the world will make those pesky pirates think twice before messing with you.  

There are no time commitments when you join the org, you can participate as much or as little as you like. We understand real life comes first. 

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Mining / Salvaging / Science / Trading / Base Building



Defense / Exploration / Diplomacy / Force Projection


Mobile Infantry

Marines / Medical / Boarding / Base Assault and Defense

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Star Citizen Tools


Ship Customization Tool

 Prices, Locations, Specifications.

Where to buy, rent, find ships, ship equipment, prices and everything you need to know about various ship systems. Arguably THE most useful tool for Star Citizen out there.

Trading Tool

How, where and when to trade.

A highly customizable tool for trade route planning, profit calculation that pulls data directly from the game and works out your best profits and trade routes for your ship and funds.

Fleet Viewer

Build your Fleet.

A fun, interactive tool where you can look at ship models, put together your fleet, and show it off to fellow Citizens. One of the more fun tools!

Universal Item Finder

Know what you want and where to get it.

Looking for that specialist attachment to your favourite rifle? Need that unique heavy armour? Look no further, this site will help you find it!

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